Gene Boomer
Senior Enterprise Data Architect
Protective Insurance


Has extensive experience with Data Management and Data Architecture disciplines across numerous organizations and industries. Understand the need to assert data as a strategic asset to an organization and how data can be utilized to affect business outcomes. Effective communicator and collaborator among IT and Business across various levels and roles within an organization. Have the benefit of experience as a contributor on both sides of the aisle as internal employee and as external consultant.


Data Strategy • Strategic Planning • Data Architecture • Data Governance • Master Data Management • Data Quality • Business Intelligence • Analytics • Data Integration • Business Collaboration • Data Warehousing • Metadata Management • Data Sharing • Team Building • Information Maturity • Information Security • Data Design • Information Governance

Recognized speaker for DAMA (Data Management Association) International. Also a contributing author and reviewer of the DAMA DMBOK (Data Management – Body of Knowledge, second version) that came out in publication June 2017.

Founding board member of DAMA Indiana (affiliated chapter of DAMA International.)

Previous engagements

October 2018: Session on Logical Data Architecture at Data Architecture Summit, Chicago
April 2018 - Session on 'Anatomy of a Data Request' at EDW conference
March 2018 - Presentation on Data Management at CD&AO, Insurance event
December 2017 - DAMA Chicago chapter meeting
November 2017 - Two sessions at DAS (Data Architecture Summit) conference
September 2016 - Tutorial session on Data Strategy at Dataversity conference
September 2016 - Panelist discussion (Overcoming Legacy systems) at CDO Forum conference
April 2016 - Session on Data Strategy for Master Data at EDW conference
February 2016 - Webinar on Data Sharing for IAIDQ (
August 2015 - Spoke at the LATAM Data Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil (