Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP)


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Professional certification is an indication of knowledge, skills and experience in a field. DAMA International has constructed the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) designation. The certification program gives data management professionals the opportunity to show professional growth that can enhance their personal and career goals. The CDMP credential is awarded to those who qualify based on a combination of criteria including education, experience and test-based examination of professional level knowledge. This certification was established by DAMA International in 2004 as the gold standard for measuring accomplishment in the data management field.

Introduction to CDMP

Chris Bradley - DAMA International VP Professional Development

Revamped CDMP Structure

In today's world, data management professionals are no longer all coming from IT. In fact, more and more are evolving from a business role, which means that our profession is coming into it's own. It also means that the tradition of certifying with a core IT exam has changed. DAMA International has seen this change coming and has elected to revamp the CDMP to enable business DM professionals to certify. We have also seen that people are "getting into data" a lot earlier in their careers and are all excited about being certified.

Professionals participate in continuing education to stay current with best practices and to further develop specialized skills. Most data management training is generally focused on developing skills with specific technology products. The focus on technical training can mask the fact that Data Management is a business function.

So what is the new CDMP going to look like?

The new approach provides a career path; it also allows individuals to grow through the levels and actually see a benefit early on in the process. For more information please visit the link below:

DAMA Certification page