CDMP Conversion Initiative

See below information from Peter Vieveen (VP Chapter Services, DAMA-I) regarding CDMP Conversion:


Less than 3 months are left for the current initiative for CDMP Conversion from legacy awards to the new CDMP. We would like to alert all interested people that by December 31, 2021 they must apply and complete the conversion process, which in some cases requires that they pass some of the current CDMP exams.


From January 1st 2022, no allowance for a prior CDMP status is considered, and people will need to start from zero if they wish to achieve current CDMP status & to attain their Openbadge.


Less than 3 months are left, and Members must complete - not simply enrol on the conversion process is December 31, 2021.


As a reminder, anyone wishing to apply for the process can go to for more information and to submit their application. If you received your CDMP certification 2016-2018, please take advantage of this conversion offer and do not lose recognition for your prior legacy CDMP exams.